About us.

eTeam Tax is the first online only accounting firm purposely designed to make your life easier.

Our story.

Almost half a decade ago, our founder Ross, set out to build an accounting firm designed around individuals and their tax return needs.

From years of experience in the industry, Ross knew that individuals often had a rough experience during tax season. So, he set out to create eTeam Tax around individual tax returns.

While our team is a lot bigger now than a one-man band, we all work together to achieve that goal; to make tax returns easier for you.
  • Official Xero Partners
  • Tax Practioners Board Australia
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Chartered Accountants

Some of the partnerships we're proud of.

And we're not slowing down anytime soon.
Chartered Accountants Australia

Chartered Accountants

Tax Practioners Board membership

Registered Tax Agent

Xero Certified Partner

Xero Certified Partner

“The service from eTeam is always stellar.”

Sam and thousand of other Australians use eTeam Tax to simplify their yearly tax returns.

Convenient 3 minute quiz
Maximum refund possible
Claim more deductions
Receive your refund faster
Complete transparency

Get your tax return back, fast.

Three easy steps is all it takes.
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